Evgeny A. Krasavin

Director of the Laboratory of Radiation Biology


Evgeny Aleksandrovich Krasavin, Doctor of Science (Biology), Professor, RAS Corresponding Member.

Date and place of birth:

20 April 1942, Dubna, Moscow Region, USSR.

Education and degrees:

  • 1959–1965 Ivanovo State Medical Institute
  • 1968–1971 Postgradudate study at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the USSR Ministry of Health (specialty: Radiobiology)
  • 1971 Candidate of Science (Medicine) (“Radio biological Effects of Heavy Ions and Study of the Action of Modifying Factors”)
  • 1985 Doctor of Science (Biology) (“Mechanisms Underlying the Differences in the Biological Effectiveness of Radiations with Different Physical Characteristics”)
  • 1989 Professor
  • 2011 RAS Corresponding Member (Department of Physiology and Fundamental Medicine; specialty: Medical Radiobiology)

Professional career:

  • 1971–1980 Researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the USSR Ministry of Health
  • 1980–1985 Senior Researcher at the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems (LNP), JINR
  • 1985–1988 Head of the Biology Research Sector, LNP, JINR
  • 1988–1995 Head of the Biophysics Department, LNP, JINR
  • 1995–2005 Head of the Department of Radiation and Radiobiological Research, JINR
  • Since 2005 Director of the Laboratory of Radiation Biology, JINR

Scientific and organizational activity:

  • Member of the RAS Scientific Councils on Radiobiology and Heavy Ion Physics;
  • Member of the Coordination Scientific and Technical Council of the Russian Federal Space Agency;
  • Member of programme and organizing committees of international workshops and conferences;
  • Member of the editorial boards of a number of scientific journals.

Educational activity:

  • Since 1998 Head of the Department of Biophysics, Dubna University.
  • Supervisor of theses and diploma papers;
  • Lecturer at international schools.

Research interests:

  • Biological action of ionizing radiations with different physical characteristics;
  • Radiobiological effects;
  • Radiation-induced mutagenesis;
  • Cytogenetic effects of low radiation doses;
  • Action of accelerated ions on the structures and functions of the central nervous system;
  • Mathematical modeling of biophysical systems.


Author and co-author of more than 270 works and 3 monographs.

Awards and honors:

  • Honorable Diploma of JINR for many years fruitful activity (1996);
  • NASA’s Group Achievement Award within The LRO Team (2010);
  • Medal of the Order “For the Service for Homeland”, Second class (2012).


  • The Medal to the Order “For Services for the Country”, 2nd class (1996);
  • The honorary title “Moscow Region’s Distinguished Person of Science and Technology” (2001);
  • The honorary badge “Russian Federation’s Distinguished Person of Science and Technology” (2006); the Medal “50 Years of Poland’s Membership in JINR” (2006);
  • The Honorary Commemorative Medal “For Services to Science and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research” (2011);
  • The Yuri Gagarin Medal for Services to Russian Cosmonautics (2011);
  • Kublai Khan Gold Medal (the highest award of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences (2013);
  • JINR Prizes (1981, 1987, 1991, 1999, 2008, 2009).



Direc­tor, LRB JINR



phone:+7 (49621) 6-57-40

fax: +7 (49621) 6-59-48

e-mail: krasavin@jinr.ru