Valery N. Shvetsov

Director of the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics


Valery Nickolaevich Shvetsov, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics.

Date and place of birth:

4 February 1963, Stavropol region, USSR.

Education and degrees:

  • 1980–1986 Physics Department of Moscow State University. Graduated with honors
  • 1996 Candidate of Physics and Mathematics (“Development of the Pulsed Ultracold Neutrons (UCN) Source and Perspectives of its Application”)

Professional career:

  • 1986–1987 probationer, Nuclear Physics Dept., JINR Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics
  • 1987–1994 Junior Researcher, FLNP JINR
  • 1994–1999 Acting Head of Department of Nuclear Physics, FLNP JINR
  • 1999–2001 Head of Department of Nuclear Physics, FLNP JINR
  • 2001–2013 Deputy Director, FLNP JINR
  • Since 2013 Director, FLNP JINR

Scientific and organizational activity:

  • Since 1994 Supervisor of the Dept. scientific seminar
  • 1992–2002 Scientific secretary of the annual International Seminar on Interaction of Neutrons with Nuclei (ISINN)
  • Since 2002 Co-chairman of ISSIN
  • Since 1997 Supervisor of the FLNP collaboration with Republic of Korea scientific centers in the field of neutron nuclear physics
  • 2003–2006 FLNP, JINR: ISTC project manager (project is targeted on creation of the prototype Accelerator Driven System for nuclear waste transmutation)
  • 2005–2010 Head of the IREN project for construction of the electron accelerator based resonance neutron source

Educational activity:

  • Since 2010 Invited professor at the Pohang Science and Technology University (POSTECH), Division of Advanced Nuclear Engineering.

Research interests:

  • Neutron Nuclear physics,
  • Nuclear data,
  • Neutron and gamma detectors for spacecrafts,
  • Nuclear waste management,
  • Nuclear data for science and technology.


Author and co-author of 132 papers (55 in refereed journals).

Awards and honors:

  • Honorable Diploma of JINR for many years fruitful activity (1996);
  • NASA’s Group Achievement Award within The LRO Team (2010);
  • Medal of the Order “For the Merit to the Fatherland”, 2nd class (2012);


  • 2003–2006 ISTC grant №2267 “Construction of a Sub-critical Assembly Driven by a Proton Accelerator at Proton Energy 660 MeV for Experiments on Transmutation of Minor Actinides and Long Lived Fission Products: (Phase I: Design, Design Documentation and Safety Substantiation)”.



Direc­tor, FLNP JINR



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