Nikolai A. Russakovich

Chief Scientific Secretary of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research


Nikolai A. Russakovich, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics.

Date and place of birth:

9 April 1953, Mogilev, Belarus


  • 1970–1975 Belarussian State University
  • 1987 Candidate of Science (Phys. and Math.) («Investigation of Colour Screening Effects in Processes of Binary and Inclusive Charge Exchange at an Energy of 10 GeV»)
  • 1993 Doctor of Science (Phys. and Math.) («Meson Quark Structure Effects at the Interaction of Mesons with Nucleons and Nuclei»)

Professional career:

  • 1976–1978 Junior Researcher, Institute of Physics, Belarussian Academy of Sciences
  • 1979–1987 Engineer, Senior Engineer, Researcher, Laboratory of Nuclear Problems (LNP), JINR
  • 1988–1991 Deputy Director for Research, LNP, JINR
  • 1992–1993 Chief Scientific Secretary of JINR
  • 1993–2003 Director, DLNP, JINR
  • 2003–2005 Advisor of the Directorate of JINR, Chief Researcher, DLNP, JINR
  • Since 2006 Chief Scientific Secretary of JINR

Scientific-organizational activity:

  • 1995–1998 Member of the Scientific Coordination Council, Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino (Serpukhov)
  • 1997–1998 Lecturer in experimental high energy physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
  • 1999–2008 Head of the Chair «Physics Methods in Applied Research and Medicine» at Moscow Engineering Physics Institute
  • Since 1999 Chairman of the Dissertation Council of JINR for the defense of Doctorate theses
  • Since 2011 Member of the Executive Committee of the ATLAS project

Research interests:

  • Experimental elementary particle physics,
  • Exotic meson states,
  • Calorimetry,
  • Experimental data processing methods.

Scientific publications:

Author and co-author of more than 250 scientific papers.






phone: +7 (49621) 6-22-21, 6-59-40

fax: +7 (49621) 6-59-92, +7 (495) 632-78-80