Boris Yurievich Sharkov

Vice-Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research


Boris Yu. Sharkov, Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, Professor, RAS Academician.

Date and place of birth:

11 February 1950, Moscow, USSR

Education and degrees:

  • 1967–1973 Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI)
  • 1978 Candidate of Science in Physics and Mathematics
  • 1991 Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics
  • 1998 Professor
  • 2006 Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • 2016 Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Professional career:

  • 1973–1986 Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI), Engineer, Senior Researcher
  • 1986–2005 Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP), Senior Researcher, Head of the Laboratory, Deputy Director of RF SSC ITEP
  • 2005–2008 Director of RF SSC ITEP
  • 2009–2016 Scientific Managing Director and Management Board Chairman of FAIR GmbH (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research)
  • 2017–2018 Deputy Director of JINR
  • Since March 2018 Vice-Director of JINR

Research interests:

  • physics of charged particle beams and accelerators;
  • inertial-confinement fusion at intense beams of heavy ions;
  • application of high intensity ion accelerators for fusion power;
  • experimental plasma physics, interaction of intense beams of charged particles with collisional plasma;
  • heavy ion beams generation in interaction of powerful laser radiation with ionized medium.

Scientific publications:

Author of more than 200 scientific papers, more than 60 invited reports at international scientific conferences.

Prizes, honorary titles:

  • Laureate of the V.I. Veksler Prize of RAS (2008)
  • Member of the European Physical Society (EPS) (2008)
  • Laureate of the Prize of the RF Government in the fields of science and technology (2010)
  • Academician I.V. Kurchatov Badge of Honour of the RF State Corporation ROSATOM (2010)
  • Honorary Doctor of JINR (2014)
  • Member of the Academia Europaea (2017)






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