At seminar in memory of Vladimir Kadyshevsky

News, 06 December 2022

On 30 November, a memorial seminar dedicated to memory of the outstanding scientist and science organizer Academician V. G. Kadyshevsky was held at the JINR Museum of History of Science and Technology. For the seminar, an exhibition presenting the biography of Vladimir Georgievich was opened in the museum for staff members of the Joint Institute and citizens.

Opening the memorial part of the evening, JINR Scientific Leader Victor Matveev expressed his gratitude to the museum personnel for preserving the memory of the outstanding scientist and organizing the meeting. “I joined BLTP in 1965 as a trainee researcher. Vladimir Georgievich had already been a beacon for us then. He had very high standards, it was not easy to work with him, but at the same time, we felt on the same level with him. He was a very open person of extraordinary charm. We never stopped communicating, even when I was not working at JINR, he trusted me his difficult thoughts, was sincere, was very worried about the fate of the Institute,” he said.

Director of the museum Nadezhda Kavalerova explained the choice of time for the seminar, “Yes, the birthday of Vladimir Georgievich is in May but people of such scale have their right for an anniversary year.” Preparing the seminar and the exhibition, she was struck by the small number of literature about him. An article by writer Vladimir Gubarev from his series of conversations with scientists “Tea at the Academy” remains the most voluminous so far. Precisely in this publication, such name of JINR as Brest Fortress on the Volga was explained. When Egor Gaidar asked Vladimir Georgievich in difficult 1990s, “Will you handle it?” He answered, “We are like the Brest Fortress.”

Academician Yuri Oganessian shared his memories, “Volodya was a theorist, I was an experimenter, and we interconnected rarely. He told me about his Suvorov school. His chief, a student of Cadet Corps, kept those old traditions. Georgy Zhukov came to Suvorov students twice and spoke to them. I asked him, “Why did not you go to the military?” Volodya answered, “I was not interested in military affairs, but mathematics, physics, literature, music – yes.” He sometimes visited us and asked my wife to let him play her violin. He had abilities. It cost me an effort to persuade him to become the JINR Director. Our Institute is lucky to have such directors. All of them are interesting personalities and decent people who worry about the team.”

Vyacheslav Zhabitsky, Alexander Rastorguev, and Yuri Kurlapov also spoke at the meeting. The audience watched a film about Kadyshevsky, created by staff members of the JINR Scientific Information Department five years ago, listened to a fragment of a lecture by Vladimir Kadyshevsky. The musical conclusion of the seminar was the performance of the teacher of the Dubna Music School Olesya Zaripova, who performed “Reflection” by Jules Massenet.