Moscow Polytech delegates visited JINR

News, 21 April 2017

On 20 April 2017, JINR hosted a delegation from the Moscow Polytechnic University. Among the delegation members were Rector A.V. Nikolaenko, Vice-rector for academic and research work Yu.M. Borovin, Director for educational and scientific projects G.Kh. Sharipzyanova, Director for corporate relations G.A. Shchelkanov, Director of the Department for academic research work A.A. Skvortsov, and Director of the Higher School of Management and Law N.M. Fedorov. The delegation was accompanied by Deputy head of Dubna Administration N.A. Smirnov.

At the JINR Visit Centre, Director of the JINR University Centre S.Z. Pakuliak delivered a lecture on the educational programmes of the Institute. Scientific secretary of JINR FLNR A.V. Karpov guided a visit to the accelerators of the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions: U-400M, IC-100, and showed the guests the Factory of Superheavy Elements under construction.