Big-data at CERN and elsewhere, a personal view


Дата и время: пятница, 17 февраля 2017 г., в 15:00

Место: Конференц-зал, Лаборатория информационных технологий

Тема доклада: «Big-data at CERN and elsewhere, a personal view»

Докладчик: Lamanna Massimo (CERN)


I will review some promising technology in the area of LHC data management and HEP collaborations. I will discuss the fact that most of these solutions have a value which is bigger that the LHC computing. It is becoming increasingly clear that «Big Data» requires at least 3 keystones to be the house of research and innovation in the future. These three elements are:
• Capability/platform to match storage need with cost-effective solutions (hardware and maintenance costs)
• Capability/platform to share data in a collaborative way
• Capability/platform to interact and combine data into larger sets.
In the presentation I will show and discuss, based on my experience at CERN, possible promising solutions.