Entanglement measures in the Kitaev model


Теория конденсированных сред — семинар «Статистическая механика»

Дата и время: вторник, 16 января 2018 г., в 16:00

Место: Конференц-зал им. Блохинцева (4-й этаж), Лаборатория теоретической физики им. Н.Н. Боголюбова

Тема семинара: «Entanglement measures in the Kitaev model»

Докладчик: Moitri Maiti (ЛТФ, ОИЯИ)


We investigate entanglement measures in an exactly solvable 2D quantum spin model, namely, the Kitaev model. The Kitaev model on the honeycomb lattice is an example of a system with long-range entanglement (LRE) having intrinsic topological order and are known to exhibit exotic properties as topologically dependent degenerate ground states, fractional excitations and so on. I will discuss analysis of the von Neumann entanglement entropy and Schmidt gap in the vortex-free ground state of the Kitaev model for square/rectangular and cylindrical subsystems and show how the gapless edge states influence the qualitative behaviour of these measures.