Introduction to Quantum Monte Carlo methods for lattice models


Семинар «Физика наноструктур»

Дата и время: среда, 16 мая 2018 г., в 11:00

Место: Лекционный зал (2-й этаж), Лаборатория теоретической физики им. Н.Н. Боголюбова

Тема семинара: «Introduction to Quantum Monte Carlo methods for lattice models»

Докладчик: Илья Иванцов (ЛТФ ОИЯИ)


This report presents the main concepts of the Quantum Monte Carlo methods and how they may be used to calculate the properties of many-electron systems on a lattice. Nowadays, the QMC methods are the big family of various techniques which provide the possibility of studying the complicated problems in condensed matter physics which cannot be solved by other methods. However, the main limitations of these methods are related to the well-known «fermion sign problem». Despite the fact that some of the last generation techniques are «sign-problem free», the possibilities of all QMC techniques are strongly limited when it comes to fermions. The main advantages and limitations of some of these techniques are given in this talk. In particular, the essence, features and limitations of the Continuous Time World Line Quantum Monte Carlo are described in detail.