How big is the Quark Gluon Plasma at the LHC and why it matters


Семинар ЛФВЭ

Дата и время: понедельник, 20 марта 2017 г., в 12:00

Место: Большой конференц-зал (корпус 215), Лаборатория физики высоких энергий им. В.И. Векслера и А.М. Балдина

Тема доклада: «How big is the Quark Gluon Plasma at the LHC and why it matters»

Докладчик: Адам Кисель (Варшавский технологический университет)


Two-particle Bose-Einstein correlations measure the size of the system in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. Together with other observables they provide evidence for collective behavior of matter created there, as well as information about the matter properties, such as its equation of state. Recently the measurements have been extended at both sides of the collision energy spectrum: from the low end at the RHIC BES program and from the top at LHC energies. I will discuss these results and the insight they provide on the properties of the system created at these conditions.