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JINR Newsletter #37, 21 September 2023

Dear colleagues and friends,

Holding the 134th session of the Scientific Council is a key event at the Institute this week. Experts from leading international scientific and educational organizations are considering JINR scientific results and results of the summer meetings of PAC JINR, as well as assessing the preparation of a new Seven-Year-Plan for the Development of JINR. Tomorrow, we are looking forward to hear the names of the first winners of the OGANESSON Award.

Unusually warm September weather in Dubna calls to go outside for fresh air. You can take part in the traditional race named after Vladimir Veksler or join the JINR youth at a picnic in Ratmino.

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134th session of JINR Scientific Council

On 21 – 22 September 2023, the 134th regular session of the Scientific Council of the Institute is taking place at the JINR International Conference Centre. The members of the Scientific Council are discussing the draft JINR Development Plan for the next seven years and electing the Director of the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems.



Anniversary international Baldin seminar started

The 25th International Baldin Seminar “Relativistic Nuclear Physics and Quantum Chromodynamics” started at BLTP JINR. Participants are discussing the results of the study of theoretical models and applied research in the fields of high-energy physics and nuclear physics.


JINR took part in Swiss MDPI webinar

Advisor to the Directorate of the Laboratory of Neutron Physics at JINR Marina Frontasyeva took part in the MDPI webinar dedicated to the International Day of Clean Air 2023 on 7 September. She spoke about the research carried out in FLNP.



JINR received new patent

Congratulations to a scientific team of the Laboratory of Radiation Biology at JINR and the National Medical Research Radiological Centre on the registration of a patent for the invention “A method for increasing proton therapy effectiveness on melanoma stem cells”.



New book about Bruno Pontecorvo issued

Recently, a biography book with photos dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birth of Bruno Pontecorvo has been published. The excellent edition contains many archival photographs, including previously unknown to the public, memoirs, and interviews with relatives, friends, and colleagues of the outstanding scientist.


New Book Acquisitions exhibition in S&T Library

On 18 — 29 September, the JINR Science and Technology Library is hosting the New Book Acquisitions exhibition. Topics of presented books are various and cover such scientific areas as nanotechnologies, astrophysics, cosmology, neural networks, programming, etc.



Vladimir Korenkov to speak at international conference

On 25 September, MLIT JINR Scientific Leader Vladimir Korenkov will give a talk at the Sixth International Conference “History of Computing in the Russia, former Soviet Union and Council for Mutual Economic Assistance countries”. He will speak about historical stages, status, and prospects of development of the JINR MLIT computer infrastructure.


Registration for AYSS Conference

AYSS JINR notes that registration for the 27th International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists (AYSS-2023) is coming to an end this week! The deadline for registration and abstract submission is 24 September.


Lectures on operation of remote accelerators

All interested in remote accelerators are invited to attend a course of lectures aimed at training operators of the accelerator complex. The course includes a full range of knowledge necessary for effective work in the control room. The first lecture will be held on 29 September, at 10:00 AM.



Coverage about JINR’s participation in research at LHC

What secrets of the universe can scientists reveale to the world science through the study of relic neutrinos and why is it so important to catch them? Scientists will speak about this in the Question of Science programme of the Russia 24 TV channel about research at the LHC at CERN. A DLNP at JINR scientist Yuri Gornushkin participated in the programme.


JINR theorists on Culture TV channel

Michal Hnatič and Nikita Lebedev presented their bright results of the research on turbulence phenomenon to a film crew of the “Black Holes. White Spots” TV programme. And Nikolay Tyurin and Irina Pirozhenko talked to journalists about the mutual influence of fundamental mathematics and string theory.


Video about past week JINR events

We offer you to watch a video review of recent events from the life of the Institute and Dubna.


DLNP seminar records

We kindly invite you to watch records of the seminar “Development of analytical studies of materials used for low-background experiments” by Alimardon Rakhimov.



54th traditional track and field run in memory of Academician Veksler

On 24 September, the 54th traditional track and field run in the memory of Academician Vladimir Veksler will be held. Everyone interested is kindly invited!


JINR at mini-football championship of city

At the city championship in mini-football among the divisions of the city in the programme of physical culture collectives contest, the JINR team took second place.


JINR at tennis tournament

A VBLHEP JINR employee Elena Pankratova won the first place in the Closing of the 2023 Season tennis tournament.


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