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    Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
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    Moscow Region

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Find JINR employees by first or last name, find out which department they work in, and view a list of their scientific papers.

The full information about JINR, as well as assistance with registration can be obtained personally or via phone/e-mail in the JINR Visit Centre.

JINR shuttles ensure regular transportation for professional purposes inside and between JINR sites (VBLHEP-JINR Administration-DLNP).

JINR shuttles is available from Monday to Friday (except official holidays of Russia and JINR).

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is located in Dubna which is 130 km to the northwest of Moscow, Russian Federation.

By train, by bus

Trains to Dubna depart from Savelovsky railway station (metro station Savelovskaya). Please, get off the train at the last stop “Dubna”. Buses Moscow-Dubna depart from Savelovsky railway station (Butyrskaya str.). You can use Aeroexpress trains to get to the Belorussky railway terminal (Moscow) from the Sheremetyevo Airport and to the Paveletsky Rail Terminal (Moscow) from the Domodedovo Airport. It would be comfortable to use various taxi servises in Dubna.

By car

By car going from Moscow follow the highway А104 (“Dmitrovskoe shosse”). Please, mind that on the crossroads in Yakhroma before the bridge across the Moscow channel you should drive a bit to the right under the viaduct using the “Dmitrov, Dubna” sign to the circum urban road. Then, go straight to the circular motion crossroads (near Dmitrov city), turn left using “Klin, Rogachevo, Dubna” sign, drive about 500 meters and turn right using “Pervomaiski, Dubna” sign. Continue driving straight through Tempy township to Dubna. To get to JINR turn right the road police picket when you enter Dubna. Then drive about 6 km to the T-form crossroads, turn to the left and drive along railway about 300 meters, untill you reach the level crossing. Then turn right and the third building after the traffic lights is the JINR Directorate.