Students & Postgraduates

Higher education

Senior students and graduates from universities of the Member States can balance acquiring higher education and preparing their qualifying papers at the scientific departments of the Institute. The leading researchers of the Institute take part in the educational process at the JINR-based departments. Students from other than JINR-based departments can be trained in accordance with individual educational plans.

Practice & training

Annually, the International Summer Student Practice, Summer Student Programme at JINR, and training courses at the International Innovative Nanotechnology Centre of the CIS countries are run on the basis of the scientific departments of the Institute.

Scientific-engineering group

Scientific-engineering group has been created to intensify educational programmes in the field of training engineering specialists for JINR and the Member States at the existing and new physical facilities.

JINR Educational Portal

Here you can find video lectures of our wonderful scientists and engineers who have collected their experience and knowledge in our institute and would gladly share it with you. The Portal also contains the series of video lessons for schoolchildren and students about the achievements and new scientific discoveries taking place in our laboratories, the animation on the JINR experimental facilities, and the Virtual Laboratory.