Scientific Papers

JINR Publishing Department

Digital resources of the JINR Publishing Departmen.

Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei (PEPAN)

Review articles in this journal examine problems of elementary particle physics, nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, experimental data processing, accelerators and related instrumentation ecology and radiology.

JINR Bulletin

Publication of the bulletin News of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research started in 1988. JINR News is issued 4 times a year and provides information on new scientific results, obtained at JINR Laboratories, on progress in performance of large-scale experiments, on construction of new installations, about discoveries, inventions, etc.

JINR Annual Reports

Digital version of annual reports on scientific activities of the JINR.

JINR Science & Technology Library

Currently, the library stock has about 434,000 copies, including native and foreign literature in physics, mathematics, astrophysics, chemistry, biology, theoretical problems of technical sciences, information technologies, and methodological problems of science in general.

JINR Document Server

Public-access repository of articles, preprints and other materials illustrating and supporting research at JINR.

Scientific Publishing Offices & Search Servers

JINR is an authorised user of the electronic versions of scientific journals of many Russian and foreign publishing offices. JINR network users have access to full-text papers of these publishing offices.

Conferences, meetings and seminars at JINR

In addition to Schedule of JINR meetings represented in the AGENDA section, you can get acquainted with the materials of the JINR scientific activities (conferences, seminars, lectures, PAC sessions etc.).