The experimental base of JINR gives the opportunities to conduct not only advanced fundamental research but also applied studies in the field of condensed matter physics, biology, medicine, material sciences, geophysics, engineering diagnostics that are focused at research of structure and properties of nanosystems and new materials, biological objects, at elaboration and development of new electronic, bio- and information technologies.

The Institute conducts research in several important areas of physics. Teams of scientists from JINR laboratories are working together on experiments, described in detail in Topical Plan for JINR Research. Specialsts from the Member States and Associated Members of JINR in close cooperation with institutes from other countries conduct experiments in most advanced trends of research related, primarily, to studies of matter structure, deeper research of structure of matter and its properties, development of functional materials and progress in nano- and biomedical technologies, as well as obtaining new knowledge about geology of planets and processes that occur in earthequake centres.

The experimental research programme of JINR bases on the bright school of theoretical physics, well developed methods of the physics experiments, modern information technologies, including grid-technology.

Experiments at JINR

Experiments with participation of JINR