The strategic goal of innovative development of JINR “2030” is to become one of the leading centres of knowledge transfer among the Member States of the Institute. Such a centre should be capable of achieving significant results in compliance with their technological priorities, increasing interest in expanding applied research at the basic facilities of JINR, demonstrating the significance of the results of fundamental science for society.

The flagship initiative of the Institute in the development of R&D infrastructure is the creation of the Innovative Centre for Nuclear Physics Research in radiation biology, biomedical technologies, radiation materials science, ecology, and information systems. Researchers and developmental engineers will get:

  • specialised channels for applied research of the NICA complex (Life Science, electronics testing, nuclear power industry of the future);
  • the DC-140 heavy ion accelerator complex (radiation material science, radiation resistance of electronic components, track membrane technology);
  • 1st class radiochemical laboratory and 40 MeV electron accelerator (research on medical radioisotopes);
  • 230 Mev superconducting cyclotron for proton therapy (flash therapy, pencil beam, use of radio modifiers).

R&D based on these new opportunities, strengthening the application segments of user programmes of the basic facilities, further development of success stories that have already taken place in the fields of detector technologies, superconducting energy storage technologies, laser metrology, artificial intelligence technologies, products based on track membranes are the basis of JINR’s innovation plan.

One of the priorities in its implementation is involvement of young specialists and students from the Member States of the Institute in the development of the JINR R&D infrastructure as an open space for creativity and advanced research (Open Research Space @ DUBNA) using both new and well-proven tools, such as the International Innovative Nanotechnology Centre of the CIS countries (ININC).

JINR is a city-forming enterprise of the science city of Dubna. The Institute’s active participation in formation and development of the Dubna innovation ecosystem, partnership with the SEZ “Dubna” and its residents open up wide opportunities for technology and knowledge transfer.


Department of Innovation and Intellectual Property
of the JINR Chief Engineer’s Office


Joliot-Curie str., bld. 6, Dubna, Moscow Region, 141980, Russia


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