Videos covering the activities of JINR, its achievements and scientific life, introducing the viewers to the biographies of the outstanding scientists of the Institute.

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JINR Flagship Projects



JINR video portal

The JINR video portal contains footage dedicated to the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research: documentaries, videos, news, and TV programmes. The video portal has been created by the employees of the Scientific Information Department of the Institute with the support of the Laboratory of Information Technologies and the TV channel “Dubna”. The main objectives of the portal are to promote research, attract the attention of young people to big interesting projects and facilities, present scientific achievements and the level of the research at JINR. In the Video Archives section one can view documentaries and programmes on the JINR eminent scientists, basic research facilities, and technologies of international repute online. The “Media” section offers lectures, interviews, TV programmes on modern projects made mainly by the central TV channels. Due to a new structure of covering JINR events in video format one can view JINR stories in the News sections before they are broadcast on local television.

JINRTV on YouTube

A more detailed view of the Institute is presented on the JINR TV channel on YouTube – JINRTV – that has been developed by the Scientific Information Department of JINR. JINRTV Channel is regularly updated with new videos of the main events at JINR, allowing social network users to quickly find and view videos on the activities of the Institute using their mobile devices.