JINR Directorate

The immediate control over the Institute activity is exercised by the Directorate headed by the Director of the Institute. The Directorate includes the Vice-Directors, the Directors of the Laboratories, the Chief Scientific Secretary and the Chief Engineer.

Governing and Advisory Bodies of JINR

Activities of JINR are regulated by the Governing and Advisory Bodies of JINR, including: Committee of Plenipotentiaries, Finance Committee, Scientific Council, Science and Technology Council, Programme Advisory Committees of JINR (PAC for Particle Physics, PAC for Nuclear Physics, PAC for Condensed Matter Physics).


Initially, JINR had two laboratories: Laboratory of Nuclear Problems and its Synchrocyclotron and Laboratory of High Energies with its Synchrophasotron. Due to a substantial extention in the JINR fields of research, nowadays, JINR scientific research and educational programme are being implemented by seven laboratories and the JINR University Centre.

JINR Offices and Departments

Besides the scientific laboratories the structure of JINR also includes science organization offices, objects of infrastructure, engineering and technical, industrial, administrative, and managerial units.