The Association of Young Scientists and Specialists of JINR is a voluntary organization for students, postgraduates, young scientists and specialists of JINR willing to be united on the basis of common interests

The main goals and objectives of JINR AYSS include: bringing together students, young scientists and specialists of JINR for initiative, resourceful and dynamic scientific work and development of professional contacts with academic and student organizations; providing assistance to students, postgraduates, young scientists and specialists of JINR in the creation of favorable conditions for professional scientific research; promoting closer ties between the older and younger generations of scientists, thus ensuring continuity in research activities; circulating scientific and other information related to the activities of JINR and other scientific and educational centres in accordance with the JINR procedure of distribution and publication of information. To achieve these goals AYSS participates in and runs scientific conferences, schools, workshops and seminars; it disseminates scientific and technical, organizational, and other information that complies with the objectives of the Association; it takes part in exchange programmes; it supports school curricula; it cooperates with academic, student and other organizations.

Any employee of JINR, student or postgraduate of the JINR University Centre (UC), or a specialist from another organization assigned to JINR under the age of 35 that accepts the goals and objectives of the Association can become a Member of JINR AYSS.


Associ­ation of Young Scien­tists and Specia­lists


e-mail: ayss@jinr.ru

Website of the AYSS