JINR Club of scientists

The JINR Club of scientists is a centre for socializing and relaxation of the multinational JINR community. It hosts concerts and cultural events. In the Club there is an excellent cafe, an exhibition hall, and a conference room.

6, Joliot-Curie str.
+7 (49621) 6-22-11

JINR Conference Centre

The International Conference Centre offers four halls for international conferences, meetings, the Science and Technology Council, and other JINR events. The ICC provides services of space communication, superspeed Internet. The ICC JINR also aids in holding video conferences and web broadcasting of events.

2, Stroiteley str.
+7 (49621) 4-51-70

JINR Cultural Centre “Mir”

The Cultural Centre “Mir” built in 1954 has a large auditorium, multi-purpose halls, an exhibition hall, classrooms for group training, rehearsal space for local music bands and clubs, and vocal and ballet studios.

1, Vysotsky alley
+7 (49621) 4-76-51

JINR Museum

The Museum of History of Science and Technology of JINR is a centre aimed at educating the public in the field of nuclear physics and elementary particle physics and boosting public interest in the activities of JINR and fundamental research in nuclear physics in general.

6, Flerov str.
+7 (49621) 6-58-31

Public Library of JINR

The universal public library of JINR has a stock of 100 000 items, children and adult reading rooms (70 seats) with picturesque adjoining patios, and a spacious and light loan room that can simultaneously serve up to 30 people.

13, Blokhintsev str.
+7 (49621) 4-02-24

JINR Stadium “Nauka”

The “Nauka” stadium of JINR provides many opportunities for doing various sports. It is possible to join the table tennis, football, hockey, skiing and shooting clubs, as well as visit the gym and rent sports equipment and outfit (to rent equipment call: +7 (49621) 6-43-76).

11, Molodyozhnaya str.
+7 (49621) 6-59-28

JINR Sports Club

The JINR Sports Club offers sports and fitness activities to JINR employees and Dubna citizens. It is the venue for volleyball, basketball, and minifootball competitions. In addition, the Club has a gym and equipment for weightlifting.

1, Stroiteley str.
+7 (49621) 6-43-11

Swimming Pool “Archimedes”

Over the last 40 years a wonderful 50-meter Swimming Pool “Archimedes” of JINR has been a source of sports records, health and longevity. Besides the swimming pool, this remarkable building that meets the eye of everyone travelling along the Volga River has a gym and sports facilities.

3, Stroiteley str.
+7 (49621) 4-65-76

JINR Tennis Courts

JINR Tennis Courts have a base coating and are located near the “Archimedes” Swimming Pool on the spectacular embankment of the Volga River. JINR Scientists Club runs a tennis club for JINR employees and their families.

3, Stroiteley str.
+7 (49621) 6-43-11

H&R Complex “Dubna”

The JINR Hotel & Restaurant Complex includes two buildings of the Hotel “Dubna” (Building 1 and Building 3); Recreation Centre “Ratmino”; Restaurant, Bar & Outdoor cafe “Dubna”; Cafe & Bar “Grill”.

6, Veksler str.
+7 (49621) 6-46-40

Resort Hotel “Ratmino”

The JINR Resort Hotel “Ratmino” is situated 4 km from Dubna in a spectacular location, where two rivers meet, Volga and Dubna. It is surrounded by a pine relict. The Centre can offer electrophototherapy, thermotherapy, and hydrotherapy treatment, as well as mechanical and manual massage and therapeutic herbal infusions.

2, Ratmino str.
+7 (49621) 6-63-52

JINR Hotel “Dubna”

The JINR SPA & Resort Hotel “Dubna” which is situated in Alushta on the South Coast of Crimea is a division of JINR. It is a health complex offering comfortable accommodation at an affordable price, which can host over 300 people. In addition to standard services, the Hotel offers its guests a wide choice of excursions around the South Coast, to the Crimean mountains, Yalta, Sevastopol, Simferopol, etc.

JINR Yacht Club

JINR Yacht Club on the bank of the Volga River is a jewel of Dubna city. The first yachts appeared in 1953-1954 with the help of the Central Committee of the Trade Union.

1a, Stroiteley str.
+7 (49621) 4-68-69