Andrey V. Butenko

Acting Director of the Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics


Andrey Valerievich Butenko, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

Date and place of birth:

17 April 1974, Dubna, Moscow Region, USSR


  • 1991–1996   Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU), Faculty of Industrial and Civil Construction
  • 1997–2000   Post-graduate programme “01.04.20 Beam and Charged Particle Physics and Accelerator Technology” at JINR University Centre
  • 2012   Candidate of Technical Sciences (“Upgrade of the vacuum system of the Nuclotron and the acceleration system of low-intensity Xe beams at the VBLHEP accelerator complex”).

Professional career:

  • 1996–2007   Engineer, Senior Engineer, Chief Engineer of Beam Department, LHE JINR
  • 2007–2009   Chief Engineer of the basic facility Nuclotron at VBLHEP JINR, Head of the Injector and Nuclotron Department, VBLHEP JINR
  • Since 2014   Interim Head of the Accelerator Division, VBLHEP JINR
  • 2020–2022   Deputy Director for Scientific Work, VBLHEP JINR
  • Since 2022   VBLHEP JINR Acting Director.

Scientific and organizational activity:

  • 2011–2017   Supervisor of the construction and launch of a new fore-injector for the light ion linear accelerator LU-20, then of the Heavy Ion Linear Accelerator of the NICA Injection Complex
  • 2013–2022   Supervisor of the design, assembly, and commissioning of the NICA Complex Booster Synchrotron
  • Since 2018   Co-leader of the Nuclotron-NICA Project on the construction of the NICA/MPD Accelerator-Experimental Complex aimed at search for new phenomena and studying processes of phase transitions of nuclear matter in high energy heavy-ion collisions

Educational activities:

  • 2000–2007   Senior Lecturer of the Department of Electrophysical Facilities of the MIREA Branch in Dubna
  • Since 2007   Member of the VBLHEP Science and Technology Council
  • 2014–2019   Member of the JINR Science and Technology Council

Research interests:

Specialist in the field of superconducting cyclic and linear ion accelerators. Theoretical and experimental research in the field of ion beam dynamics in superconducting synchrotrons.

Scientific publications:

Author and co-author of more than 130 scientific papers.

Honorary titles, awards:

  • 2006   Certificate of Honour of the Main Department for Labor and Social Affairs of the Moscow region
  • 2010   II JINR Prize
  • 2011   JINR Certificate of Honour
  • 2016   Certificate of Honour of State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom
  • 2016   I VBLHEP JINR Prize
  • 2017   I VBLHEP JINR Prize
  • 2017   II JINR Prize
  • 2020   Certificate of Honour of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
  • 2021   I JINR Prize
  • 2021   Medal “For Contribution to the Implementation of State Policy in the Field of Scientific and Technological Development”
  • 2022   Commendation of the Governor of the Moscow Region



VBLHEP JINR Acting Director



phone: +7 (496) 216-43-91