Aleksander N. Bugay

Director of the Laboratory of Radiation Biology


Aleksander N. Bugay, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics.

Date and place of birth:

7 April 1983, Gvardeisk, Kaliningrad region, USSR.

Education and degrees:

  • 2000–2005    Kaliningrad State University, Physics Department
  • 2005–2008    Postgraduate study at Immanuel Kant Russian State University (Kaliningrad)
  • 2008    Candidate of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), PhD Thesis: «Quasi-one-dimensional solitary waves in solids»
  • 2019    Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), Thesis: «Nonlinear interaction of quasimonochromatic and broadband pulses in anisotropic media»

Professional career:

  • 2008–2015    Researcher of the Laboratory of Radiation Biology JINR (LRB JINR)
  • 2015–2019    Head of Sector, LRB JINR
  • Since 2019    Director of LRB JINR

Scientific and organizational activity:

Member of programme and organizing committees of international workshops and conferences

Educational activity:

  • Professor, Biophysics Department, State University «Dubna»
  • Supervisor of theses and diploma papers
  • Lecturer at international schools

Scientific interests:

  • Monte Carlo simulation of the interaction of charged particles with biological systems
  • Modeling of DNA repair and radiation-induced mutagenesis
  • Modeling of radiation-induced disturbances in the functioning of neural networks
  • Nonlinear dynamics of biomolecules
  • Effect of terahertz radiation on biological systems
  • Generation of terahertz radiation
  • Extremely short laser pulses
  • Nonlinear waves and solitons

Scientific publications:

Author and co-author of more than 120 papers.

Grants and awards:

  • 2006 – 2012    Stipendiate and grant holder of the Dynasty Foundation (theoretical physics)
  • Since 2005    Co-investigator in several grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (physics, radiation biology)
  • Since 2017    Principal investigator in the grant of the Russian Science Foundation (mathematics)
  • 2018    JINR Prize for the series of works “Study of the nonlinear dynamics of the waves of the terahertz frequency range in condensed matter and living systems”


Aleksander N. BUGAY

Direc­tor, LRB JINR


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