11th Session of the NICA Machine Advisory Committee

News, 04 June 2020

On 27 – 29 May 2020, the 11th Session of the NICA Machine Advisory Committee (MAC) was held in the format of video conference. The time of broadcast was chosen acceptable for the Committee members from Japan, Europe, and the USA.

All meetings of the Committee were attended by JINR Director V. A. Matveev, First Vice-Director G. V. Trubnikov, Vice-Director B. Yu. Sharkov, Head of the project “NICA complex” V. D. Kekelidze and Co-Head of the theme “NICA complex” A. S. Sorin.

13 reports presented during those three days were targeted mainly to answer the questions formulated in the summary of MAC held at JINR in June 2019. V. D. Kekelidze described organizational structure of the NICA project and informed the MAC members about the results of the first meeting of the NICA Cost and Schedule Review Committee (CSRC) held at JINR on 24 – 26 February 2020. Progress on the NICA Booster commissioning was reported by Head of the VBLHEP Accelerator Division A. V. Butenko. Other reports presented by JINR specialists as well as our colleagues from Budker INP were dedicated to each of main systems and elements of the accelerator facility. Specially for the MAC session, a few videos were prepared under support of the JINR Scientific Information Department.

Despite the new format of the session, it was held in the atmosphere of active discussions; the MAC members gave many notes, suggestions and requests for more detailed information. The summary of the MAC session will be presented soon. All the reports and information about the session is available via the link.

A. O. Sidorin
Deputy Head of the VBLHEP Accelerator Division

Snapshot from video tour to the NICA Booster