132nd session of JINR Scientific Council

Organization, 28 September 2022

On 29 – 30 September, the 132nd regular session of the Scientific Council of the Joint Institute will be held in a hybrid format. A report by JINR Director Grigory Trubnikov will open the programme of the event. Participants will consider the draft of the Seven-Year Plan for the JINR Development in 2024-2030.

The programme of the first day of the session includes elections of the Director of the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics. Moreover, a presentation on the Director of the Laboratory of High Energy Physics and VBLHEP Deputy Directors will be made. In addition, vacancies of positions in the directorates of the JINR Laboratories will be announced.

Victor Ryabov will open the second day of the session with a scientific report “Experimental programme at MPD”.

JINR Director Grigory Trubnikov will present a report on the activities of the JINR Programme Advisory Committees in 2023 and proposals for changes in their memberships.

Jury’s recommendations on the award of the V. P. Dzhelepov Prize will be announced to the participants of the event. The programme includes the presentation of diplomas to the winners of JINR annual prizes for best scientific, methodological, technological, and applied research papers.

General discussion and adoption of the resolution will conclude the session.

  Programme of 132nd session