MLIT Joint Laboratory Seminar


Laboratory of Information Technologies

Joint Laboratory Seminar

Date and Time: Tuesday, 5 March 2024, at 11:00 AM

Venue: room 310, Meshcheryakov Laboratory of Information Technologies, online on Webinar

  1. Seminar topic: “EOS at JINR”

    Speaker: Nikita Balashov


    JINR utilizes a diverse storage ecosystem, encompassing a number of dCache, EOS, Lustre and Ceph storage instances to address varied scientific needs. In this report, we focus on one of the largest EOS instances at JINR, operational since 2019 as a shared storage system for experimental data. Presently, it has the raw capacity of 22 PB and hosts over 7 PB of data from numerous experiments and projects. We give an overview of the current setup and development plans and share our experience of operating it.

  2. Seminar topic: “CTA evaluation at JINR”

    Speaker: Nikita Balashov


    This presentation summarises the current state of tape storage systems at JINR and gives our current vision of its future in response to the discontinuation of Enstore support. We provide a brief description of two of our currently operating tape systems: a 90 PB instance built on dCache/Enstore and an 11 PB instance based by EOS/CTA. Additionally, we share initial insights gained from operating the EOS/CTA system.