4th stage of the UC International Practice started

Education, 09 December 2019

On Monday, 9 December 2019, the 4th stage of the International Student Practice organized by the JINR University Centre started. 25 students from the Arab Republic of Egypt came to Dubna for participation in the practice together with Prof. Walaa Mohamed Seif Hamouda from the Cairo University and Prof. Medhat Ahmed Abdelkhalek Ibrahim from the National Research Centre. Participants from Egypt were selected due to the interview that was held with the applicants at the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology of ARE.

The first days of the Practice are traditionally devoted to the acquaintance with the Joint Institute that started with an introductory lecture about JINR. Students will attend lectures on the fields of JINR research and will have excursions to all the laboratories of the Joint Institute. Moreover, in the frames of the lecture course, students will be acquainted with JINR educational opportunities. The programme of the Practice includes also an excursion to Moscow.

After the acquaintance with the scientific infrastructure of the JINR laboratories, participants will meet their supervisors to discuss the chosen projects and set tasks. The major part of the three-week Practice is allotted to practical work on the educational and research projects carried out under the supervision of specialists of the JINR laboratories. Participants will present the results of their projects on the final day of the Practice, on 27 December.

Photos by Igor Lapenko