A roadmap for JINR-Egypt cooperation development was signed

News, 18 December 2018

Signing of a roadmap for the JINR – Egypt cooperation development concluded the 8th session of the Joint Coordination Committee on ARE – JINR Cooperation that was held on 15 December 2018 in Cairo, in the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology of Egypt. A JINR delegation was headed by JINR Vice-Director Richard Lednický.

The session started with a presentation of R. Lednický on major events in the JINR life. FLNP Deputy Director E.V. Lychagin and LIT Deputy Director T.A. Strizh presented an overview of directions for development of the laboratories. UC Director S.Z. Pakuliak and Head of the group of Egyptian staff members at JINR W. Badawy reported on various aspects of joint work on training young scientific staff. The analysis of organizational issues of student practices and offers for further development of this format of cooperation was presented by Member of the Network of Nuclear Sciences (the Zagazig University) Mohamed El-Shaer.

The concluding presentation of the first part of the session was devoted to the Roadmap aimed at providing conditions for Egypt to receive the full JINR membership. Head of the JINR International Cooperation Department D.V. Kamanin presented a detailed structure of this document. The parties agreed that signing of the Roadmap is the starting point of a new stage of cooperation, on the one hand, demanding more efforts for coordination, but also opening far more opportunities for development of scientific links and training the staff.

Participants of the Committee planned several joint events for the next two years. In particular, Days of Egypt at JINR in Dubna and a forum in Cairo dedicated to the 10 years of ARE associate membership at JINR were discussed. In the nearest future, a coordination meeting on the strategic planning dedicated to the implementation plan of the Roadmap will be held.