About participation in new JINR projects

News, 21 February 2018

On 20 February 2018, a delegation of the Industrial Center of the Republic of Bulgaria in Moscow visited the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. The organization is aimed at improving economic, trade and technical relations between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Russian Federation, development of bilateral economic contacts, expansion of Bulgarian export and tourism as well as attracting investments. The guests met the leading JINR specialists, including their countrymen working in Dubna, in the Conference Hall of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions. JINR Chief Engineer Boris Gikal, FLNR Deputy Director Andrei Popeko told about JINR and the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions. VBLHEP Deputy Director Rumen Tsenov delivered a presentation for guests in their native language. In his turn, Deputy Chairman of the Centre Tsvetozar Genchev spoke about the activities of the organization and introduced his colleagues. In their presentations, participants of the meeting touched upon some issues concerning JINR procurement and participation of enterprises from the JINR Member States in tenders held by JINR.

“The primary objective of our visit is to establish the direct contact with the JINR Directorate to develop Bulgarian companies and foster participation of Bulgarian enterprises in future JINR tenders,” Tsvetozar Genchev told to our journalist. “For example, in construction of a collider, or development of infrastructure. Our delegation consists of the leading specialists of the Centre – Biser Stambuliev, Jordan Laskov, Dimitr Georgiev, representatives of Bulgarian enterprises operating at the Centre territory.

“Having invited Bulgarian representatives to Dubna, we hoped to enhance our contacts,” JINR Chief Engineer noted. “Bulgaria is one of the JINR Member States, and the task to load industry of the Member States with orders on construction of new facilities in JINR has been set long ago. The task of today’s meeting was to acquaint project implementers and project leaders with representatives of enterprises who can do this. The activity this Bulgarian Centre is developing now will lead to signing agreements on production of equipment for our facilities thanks to todays’ meeting and exchange of information. We discussed mostly organizational plans that would contribute to fulfillment of these tasks.”

Evgeny Molchanov, JINR Weekly Newspaper
Photo by Elena Puzynina