Address of JINR Director G. V. Trubnikov to the staff

Organization, 04 March 2022

Address of Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research RAS Academician Grigory Trubnikov to the Institute’s staff, 4 March 2022

Dear colleagues,

I address you, members of our common multinational scientific family. These days, we are all closely following the dramatic development of the situation in the world. It worries each of us. The Directorate of the Institute understands and shares your concerns about the news and the uncertainty of further development of events.

Our international scientific centre continues its activities according to the current statutory documents, all scientific and research plans. The entire infrastructure of the Institute is running steadily and stably. The safety of the basic facilities is ensured.

We are aware of and control the organizational problems that arise due to the current situation. The Directorate makes every effort to provide optimal conditions for further work on the Institute’s scientific agenda. This applies to scientists, researchers, engineers, specialists, and all the employees of the Joint Institute.

There is no doubt that none of us is indifferent to the events. But I would like to, first of all, call you to stay calm.

We have organized regular working meetings with national groups to clarify all the emerging issues as quickly as possible. Members of the Directorate, administrative services of the Institute are solving logistical, financial problems, the issues of interaction with Plenipotentiaries of the Member States. First, you can turn to your managers, heads of national groups, scientific secretaries of your laboratories. Vice-Director Latchesar Kostov and Chief Scientific Secretary Sergey Nedelko coordinate interaction with national groups and communities. No questions will be left ignored.

Please, do not take sudden emotional decisions. We recommend continuing normal work until the situation stabilises. The Directorate guarantees your safety and will provide you with all the conditions necessary for work and guarantees corresponding to the status of the international intergovernmental organization.

JINR was created to implement scientific research. Our commitment to the scientific cooperation in the name of peace and progress unites us.

Today, more than ever before in the Institute’s history, we are testing our commitment to the fundamental principle of JINR “Science brings nations together”.

You can be sure that you are not alone; the Institute unites us all. Our diverse family will survive these times.

JINR Director
Academician Grigory Trubnikov,
4 March 2022