Alushta-2023: Seven-Year Plan and impressions of JINR youth

News, 20 June 2023

From 4 to 11 June, the 12th International Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists Alushta-2023 was held at the Dubna Hotel in Alushta. This time it was attended by representatives of six countries. Participants discussed the tasks of the Institute’s Laboratories with regard to the new Seven-Year Plan of JINR, as well as key JINR projects and latest achievements. The current Conference turned out to be the “youngest”, the average age of participants was 28.

Representatives from each of the departments elaborated on goals and tasks of the Laboratories for the new seven-year period 2024 – 2030. JINR Director Grigory Trubnikov summed up the discussions of the Seven-Year Plan. He made a videoconference speech for young scientists and told them about major milestones of the current seven-year period and plans for the next one. Among the key directions of JINR development in the next seven-year period will be particle and nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, radiation studies in life sciences, theoretical physics, accelerator physics and IT. The current conditions put the development of competitive facilities at the forefront. That is why one of the primary goals of the Institute in 2024 – 2030 will be the development and design of the new neutron source NEPTUNE and the MSC-230 Cyclotron.

In addition to the speeches made by young scientists on the topics of their research, there were also reports on the development of the communication strategy of JINR and work of the Institute’s Press Office. A round-table discussion took place following the results of the reports by representatives of the Federal Medico-Biological Agency of Russia and Medical Unit No. 9.

The Alushta Conference, together with the AYSS Conference in autumn, serves as the first selection stage for the JINR Youth Prize.

“It should be noted that the Alushta Conference is not solely a platform for scientific presentations. It is also a place for young scientists from different laboratories to meet each other, which serves to create new scientific contacts and ideas. In this way, the Conference contributes to the development of communications and horizontal links inside the Institute,” Chairman of the Council of the Association of Young Scientists and Specialists of JINR Vladislav Rozhkov commented on the event’s idea.

In addition to making and listening to reports, lectures and discussions, participants could visit the protected corners of the Crimea and spend time doing various activities. They shared their impressions of the Conference.

Olesya Korchagina, junior researcher at IBRAE RAS, “Participants spoke about their activities in an understandable language. This is a skill that is very important and useful to increase. The atmosphere of the Conference was friendly, the organizers pleased us with a scientific quiz.”

Tatyana Rozhkova, MLIT JINR software engineer, “I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers of the Conference for their hard work, patience, and responsiveness. It is thanks to their work that we, participants and lecturers of the Conference, could not just meet our colleagues from the Institute and learn more about their work, but also spend a memorable week in the Dubna Hotel in the beautiful city of Alushta.”

Evgeny Mardyban, BLTP JINR junior researcher, “The Conference was held in close cooperation of participants and lecturers, there were many questions and discussions. It was also a great opportunity to have a chance to join the round table with representatives of FMBA and the JINR Directorate, ask questions, make proposals for the development of the Institute and the city of Dubna. The annual conference Alushta is a unique chance for young scientists and specialists to meet each other, as well as learn about the JINR’s scientific directions and its social life.”