Biomonitoring: research expanding to the East

News, 21 October 2013

On 14 – 15 October 2013, Head of the Centre for Complex Ecological Research of the Kazakhstan Institute of Nuclear Physics V.N. Glushchenko visited the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics. He got acquainted with the sector of neutron activation analysis and applied research of FLNP.

Research conducted with neutron activation analysis in KINP in Almaty and JINR were launched almost simultaneously in the early sixties. The two Institutions had been conducting parallel research, and in 1980s, they started cooperation initiated by V.M. Nazarov (FLNP), I.V.Kazachevsky and V.P. Solodukhin (KINP).

Today, this cooperation undergoes a new round of relations development. In 2010, KINP scientists established the Centre of Complex Ecological Research. At the end of September, during a trip to Kazakhstan, FLNP Director V.N. Shvetsov visited the Centre. He got favourable impressions of the equipment and research conducted by the Centre staff.

Having got acquainted with research conducted in the NAA sector, V.N. Glushchenko discussed with its Head M.V. Frontosieva possible directions of cooperation. Firstly, Biomonitoring of atmospheric fallouts of heavy metals and radionuclides at the territory of Kazakhstan was discussed to include the country into the UN programme concerning air in Europe and Asia.