Book about outstanding scientist Yulian Budagov published

News, 29 May 2023

The JINR Publishing Department has released a book “Professor Budagov Yulian Aramovich” written in memory of this talanted scientist, world-class experimental physicist, science organizer. The book describes the scientific biography of the scientist, as well as the memoirs of his colleagues and friends.

Yulian Budagov made an enormous contribution to the creation of large-scale experimental facilities and acquisition of physical results of fundamental scientific significance, such as the study of top-quarks properties, the discovery of new meson decay modes, measurement of probabilities of CP-violating and rare decays of particles, the determination of form factors of vN-scattering, observation of the QCD effect of “colour screening”. A unique metrological culture of precision assembly of large-scale massive detectors using a laser has been developed under his leadership. The high-precision installing of the calorimetric complex for the ATLAS facility was carried out.

The results of scientific activities of the scientist resulted in more than 1,800 published scientific articles. Yulian Budagov was honoured state and departmental awards.

An important part of his work was training of the scientific personnel. Young scientists, students of Yulian Budagov now work at physical institutes and universities of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czechia, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Uzbekistan.

The book is available on the website of the JINR Publishing Department via the link.