Broadcast of tour to NICA collider viewed by more than 100 thousand people

News, 14 June 2021

The excursion for schoolchildren to the construction site of the NICA accelerator complex took place on 11 June within the framework of the national marathon Nauka Ryadom (lit. “Science is nearby”). Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Deputy Head of the Accelerator Department of the Laboratory of High Energy Physics Anatoly Sidorin told schoolstudents about the collider under construction. The excursion was broadcast live on the site of the project for schoolchidlren “Bolshaya peremena” (lit. “Long break”) on VKontakte.

Students saw the yoke of the legendary accelerator Synchrophasotron, the linear heavy-ion accelerator HILac, and the superconducting synchrotron Booster.

Record of live broadcast

The major goal of the all-Russian marathon “Science is nearby” is to acquaint wide audience with scientists and their research, which have received recognition in Russia and abroad. Scientists from 56 regions have taken part in the two-day marathon “Science is nearby” and told students about their studies. In addition to lectures, students could attend introductory excursions to the largest Russian scientific and research centres, including the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, the National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute”, Moscow State University, the Institute of Physics and Power Engineering, enterprises of the rocket and space industry, including SRPSC, and many others.

Organizers of the marathon: ANCO National Priorities, Russian society Knowledge, ALl-Russian Scientific Festival Nauka 0+, ANCO Bolshaya peremena, and Coordination Council for Youth Affairs in Science and Education of the Presidential Council for Science and Education.

Project “Science is nearby”. Video: national projects of Russia