Compact precision laser inclinometer installed in Belarussian geophysical observatory

News, 01 December 2023

At the end of October 2023, employees of the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems at JINR installed a compact precision laser inclinometer at the Naroch Geophysical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. DLNP JINR Deputy Director for Scientific Work Vladimir Glagolev and Head of the DLNP JINR Laser Metrology Sector Mikhail Lyablin announced this news.

Together with Belarusian colleagues, JINR researchers started scientific and experimental work, round-the-clock observing seismic events of natural and man-made causes, using a compact precision laser inclinometer and seismometric equipment installed in stationary conditions of the geophysical observatory.

DLNP JINR employees Alexey Krasnoperov, Mikhail Lyablin, Andrey Pluzhnikov, and Alexey Kuzkin adjusting the inclinometer installed at the Naroch Geophysical Observatory together with Belarusian colleagues

The Naroch Geophysical Observatory is one of the divisions of the Centre for Geophysical Monitoring of NAS of Belarus. It is located in the village of Telyaki, Myadzyel district, Minsk Region. The reason for locating it here lies in a number of requirements for conducting geophysical observations, namely remoteness from large settlements, lack of intensive construction of industrial facilities and structures, and compliance with certain geological conditions. If the requirements are satisfied, it can significantly reduce the impact of man-made interference. This, in turn, makes it possible to enhance detection of the natural component of geophysical processes. The observatory belongs to the National Environmental Monitoring System in the Republic of Belarus and the System for Monitoring and Forecasting Natural and Man-Made Emergencies of Belarus.

Previously, the JINR precision laser inclinometers were installed in Garni (Armenia), at the European Gravitational Observatory EGO (Italy), at CERN (Switzerland), and in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (Russia).

Main building of the Naroch Geophysical Observatory