Competition for Prizes of Russian President

News, 05 October 2021

Young scientists and specialists are kindly invited to participate in the competition for Prizes of the President of the Russian Federation in the fields of science and innovations for young scientists.

The Prize is the highest recognition of the merits of young scientists and specialists to society and the state. The Presidential Prize is awarded for the results of scientific research that greatly contribute to the development of natural and technical sciences and humanities as well as for the development of prototypes of new equipment and advanced technologies that provide development of economy and the social sector as well as strengthen defence capacity of the state.

Four Presidential Prizes are awarded annually.

More information about the regulations and necessary documents are available via the link.

Deadline for applications is set on 15.10.2021.

Please, pay attention that this year, submit of scientific papers for the competition from JINR will be carried out by the Institute’s Science and Technology Council. In this regard, and due to the upcoming deadline for submitting applications, we ask those willing to participate in the competition to contact scientific secretaries of their laboratories who will then coordinate work of the laboratories on the nomination of candidates with the STC JINR.