Computer Modelling of New Type Galactic Cosmic Rays Simulator

Publications, 14 June 2024

We offer to your attention a preprint “Computer Modelling of a New Type Galactic Cosmic Rays Simulator” E7-2023-61 issued by the JINR Publishing Department. The authors are Ivan Gordeev and Alexander Bugay.

A new type of a galactic cosmic rays (GCR) simulator, proposed by the Laboratory of Radiation Biology at JINR, is potentially capable of generating a complex radiation field with inclusions of a variety of ions with a wide energy range and with required abundance at charged particle accelerators. This complex multicomponent radiation field simulates radiation environment inside a spacecraft during an interplanetary flight, for example, to Mars. The paper provides an analytical description of the GCR simulator as well as a description of a specially developed software that enables selection of necessary parameters of a simulator model for creating relevant mixed radiation conditions. The software implements processing of data obtained with Monte Carlo-based FLUKA and PHITS programs, fitting and optimisation of model parameters, and data visualization tools.

The study has been performed at the Laboratory of Radiation Biology at JINR and submitted to Computer Physics Communications.