Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists started at MLIT JINR

News, 24 October 2022

Today, the XXVI International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists (AYSS-2022) began at the Joint Institute. The event is being held at the Laboratory of Information Technologies JINR and online.

About 150 young scientists from far abroad and Member States gathered to participate in the conference at MLIT JINR. More than 90 participants connected remotely. “This year, the geography of participants is very extensive,” a representative of DLNP Organizing Committee Liudmila Kolupaeva said. “There are representatives of well-known institutions, for example, of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan. It’s nice to see participants from Mexico, Egypt in an offline format.” Her colleague, a DLNP junior researcher Diana Seitova noted the geography of remote participants as well. “Cuba and Serbia are well represented in terms of numbers. We hope that there will be full-time participants from these countries in the subsequent years,” she said.

Scientists will give lectures on the latest theoretical, experimental, and applied research carried out around the world focusing on the main results obtained at JINR. The Conference programme includes overview lectures on neutrino astronomy, life sciences, neural networks, particle physics, modern theoretical problems, the status of the MPD experiment, the NICA Accelerator Complexes, and the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions. There will be two poster sessions, one of which will be organized online.

Participants will present reports on one of the nine topical sections of the Conference: theoretical physics; mathematical modeling and computational physics; high energy physics; particle accelerators and nuclear reactors; experimental nuclear physics; information technologies; condensed matter physics; applied research; life sciences.

Due to the chosen format of the event and the large number of remote participants, this time excursions to the JINR Basic Facilities will also be held online for remote participants.

The working language of the event is English. The Conference will last until 28 October.