Digital JINR Ecosystem presented at CP JINR

News, 23 November 2022

Digital JINR is a platform that provides access to an extensive network of a wide variety of JINR information services. This includes both scientific and administrative services: from resources for users of basic facilities to registration of business trips or tickets, ordering certificates and statements online. Director of the Laboratory of Information Technologies Vladimir Korenkov made a presentation of the Digital JINR Ecosystem on 23 November at the CP session in Egypt.

“Some of the services are already available, but, of course, there is still a lot to integrate into Digital JINR or create from scratch. The system will steadily acquire new capabilities. But now Digital JINR allows monitoring the Institute’s network and engineering systems. This will allow developing JINR in a balanced way in this direction,” Vladimir Korenkov said at the presentation.

Digital JINR is, in fact, a single window service in the JINR’s digital environment. The system has a user-friendly interface since everyone can customise its homepage according to their needs: display only the sections you need, manage your favourite services. Digital JINR provides a quick and convenient search for information both by services, employees, and site buildings on the JINR interactive map. At the same time, to register in this system, you need to make only one visit to MLIT to get a JINR Single Sign-On (SSO) account. In addition, you can use many services without registration: for example, scroll through the phone book, get information about dissertations, scientific software, view the schedule of excursions planned at JINR.

“The Digital JINR System will help our Plenipotentiary Representatives to receive the necessary information about the Institute in a convenient format. For example, information about purchases, the main JINR events. We are striving to ensure that any information about cooperation, topics, projects, employees is promptly available to each of our Plenipotentiaries directly in the personal account. In addition, this system can be transferred to the required extent and deployed in the Member States,” JINR Director Grigory Trubnikov commented on the presentation.

It is convenient to use the Digital JINR System on mobile devices, and it is also available in Russian and English. In the future, the services of all departments and divisions of the Institute will be connected to the Digital Ecosystem. Information in all sections of the system will be updated promptly and regularly due to the fact that this function will be performed directly by responsible departments.

Presentation of the Digital JINR Ecosystem

Thanks to Digital JINR, employees’ appeals to the Institute’s services will become more convenient and understandable. Reducing paperwork will speed up the processing of requests, make the work more efficient. The Laboratory of Information Technologies and the Development of Digital Services Department are making the major contribution to the implementation of the system.