Dynamic polaron model for studying process of electron hydration

Publications, 16 January 2024

We offer to your attention a paper “Dynamic polaron model for studying process of electron hydration” published in the Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei journal. The authors are Viktor Lakhno (IMPB RAS), Ilkizar Amirkhanov (MLIT JINR), Alina Volokhova, Elena Zemlyanaya (MLIT JINR, Dubna State University), Igor Puzynin, Taisiya Puzynina, Viktor Rikhvitsky (MLIT JINR), Maxim Bashashin (MLIT JINR, Dubna State University). A review of studies of the process of electron hydration based on the approach developed by the authors in the framework of the dynamic polaron model is presented in this paper.

The papers on theoretical and experimental studies in the problem of electron hydration are reviewed. Mathematical formulations of problems and computational schemes have been developed, complexes of problem-oriented programs are created using the MPI parallel programming technology. The results of numerical simulation and calculation of the observed physical characteristics of the electron hydration process under study are presented. The agreement between the obtained numerical results and the corresponding experimental data confirms the adequacy of the approaches used, as well as the prospects for their further use and development.