Elías Entralgo, JINR Vice-Director and creator of theory of structural point object

News, 10 May 2023

8 May marked the 80th anniversary of the birth of a Cuban physicist Elías Entralgo Herrero (1943 – 2003), a major specialist in the field of quantum mechanics, a science popularizer, JINR Vice-Director in 1983 – 1989.

In 1966, after his graduation from the RUDN University in Moscow, he started his career in science in his homeland. He was a docent at the Department of Theoretical Physics at University of Havana. Later, he headed that Department. At the same time, he worked at the Institute of Fundamental Research and Nuclear Technology. He defended his doctoral thesis in 1978 at Lomonosov Moscow State University. In 1977 – 1982, he was Vice-Director of the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba.

From 1983 to 1989, Entralgo held the post of Vice-Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. At that time, the Cuban scientist together with a docent of the Department of Theoretical Physics of RUDN Vasily Kuryshkin developed a theory of a structural point object, which was recognised by the world physical community. The subject of his main scientific papers was not only the theory of the point structural particle, but also quantum mechanics with positive distribution functions.

After returning to Cuba, Professor Elías Entralgo continued teaching at the University of Havana and conducting research at the Institute of Fundamental Research and Nuclear Technology. In 1989 – 1991, he was Executive Secretary and Adviser to Cuba on nuclear issues. In 1989 – 1991, he was Professor of the Higher Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Technologies. The scientist was a member of the Cuban Association of Physicists and the Higher Attestation Commission for Physical Sciences.

Elías Entralgo Herrero played a significant role in the development of fundamental physics in Cuba. Compatriots noted his high moral qualities, remembering him as a man who could lend a helping hand in different circumstances, “Being principled and brave in defending his ideas, Elías Entralgo was tolerant of other people’s opinions and maintained unrivalled discipline when it came to acting in accordance with collective judgment. The main personal traits that made him a particularly beloved and respected person were, first of all, his example of considerable efforts, hard work, commitment, clarity in understanding that science was our future.”