Exhibition at S&T Library marking JINR Foundation Day


From 22 March to 5 April 2024, the JINR Science and Technology Library and the S&T branch at the Laboratory of High Energy Physics (building 3, 2nd floor) invite everyone interested to an exhibition celebrating the JINR Foundation Day.

The exhibition is dedicated to the 68th anniversary of the foundation of the Institute. All JINR Annual Reports since 1964 will be presented. The pages of reports reflect JINR’s history year after year, the history of its laboratories and departments, the achievements of scientific teams, areas of international cooperation, and prospects for development.

Apart from that, the exhibition will include album books from the Real Modern Pictures publishing house dedicated to the Institute’s prominent scientists:

  • the “JINR: New times” album book, published in 2021;
  • Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, 1957-2022″ – moments of the Laboratory’s 65 years of life captured in photographs.