First event taking place on platform of JINR Information Centre in Armenia

News, 18 April 2022

On 18 April, a one-day International Symposium on Problems of Simulation of Biomolecular Complexes and Interaction with Materials Nanoparticles was held at the Yerevan State University in connection with the recent opening of the JINR Information Centre in Yerevan. Among other things, the Centre aims to activate scientific contacts.

Scientists from JINR, Lorenz Lab (UK), the Yerevan State University, and the Institute of Molecular Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia spoke at the Symposium.

Deputy Head of the Scientific and Administrative Division “Centre of Applied Physics” Alexander Nechaev presented a report on the ion-track technology and application of accelerated heavy ions at the Centre of Applied Nuclear Physics of FLNR JINR. FLNP Deputy Director Norbert Kucerka talked about the study of biomembranes mimicking preclinical conformational diseases by neutron scattering. A report by an intern-researcher of MLIT Dina Badreeva was devoted to the molecular dynamics simulation of the Aβ peptides interaction with lipid membranes. A senior researcher of MLIT Zarif Sharipov acquainted the audience with methods of molecular dynamics for modeling the processes of interaction of accelerated heavy ions and nanoclusters with condensed media.

Reports by researchers from other scientific organizations were devoted to drug solubilisation and morphological transitions in Triton X surfactant-based micelles, molecular dynamics study of mechanism of flip-flops in a AOT lamella, structure and properties prediction of semiconductors and metal content materials with computational methods, and computer modeling of disease molecular mechanisms and design for therapeutic approaches.

It is worth mentioning that the Information Centre on the platform of the Yerevan State University and the A. Alikhanyan National Laboratory opened on 15 April. The format of JINR Information Centres suggests workshops, online excursions around the Institute’s laboratories, lectures by the staff. It also aims to promote academic mobility of young people.