Gamma radiation-induced alterations in nanocrystalline titanium nitride particles

News, 05 July 2024

Radiation Physics and Chemistry published an article “Gamma radiation-induced alterations in nanocrystalline titanium nitride (TiN) particles: A structural perspective” by a team of authors from JINR, including Afsun Abiyev from the Laboratory of Neutron Physics, and representatives of Institute of Radiation Problems of Ministry of Science and Education of Azerbaijan, Nuclear Research Department of the Innovation and Digital Development Agency, Composite Materials Scientific Research Centre of Azerbaijan State University of Economics, Institute of Physics of the Ministry of Science and Education of Azerbaijan Republic, and Western Caspian University.

The effect of gamma radiation on the structure of nanocrystalline TiN particles was studied. Initially, nanocrystalline TiN particles were exposed to gamma radiation at doses of 50 kGy, 200 kGy, 900 kGy and 3.5 MGy. The crystal structure of non-irradiated and irradiated samples with different doses of gamma rays was studied by X-ray diffraction method. As a result of the determination analysis of the X-ray diffraction spectra by the Rietvield method, the dependence of the lattice parameters on the radiation dose was established. The effect of gamma irradiation on the size of crystallites was determined by the Scherrer equation. The amorphization occurred in nanocrystalline TiN particles was calculated by the method of integration of diffraction peaks. It was determined that 2.5% amorphization occurred in the specified irradiation interval.

Irradiation-induced shift of maximum in X-ray diffraction spectra of TiN nanoparticles