General construction work on NICA collider completed by 80%

News, 06 July 2021

The status of the construction of the NICA accelerator complex was discussed at a meeting of the general constructor the STRABAG company and the JINR leaders on 5 July. The STRABAG representatives visited the construction site and confirmed their obligations under the NICA collider project.

“We are glad that our partner came to Dubna and saw the accelerator complex. This object is certainly not the largest in the history of the STRABAG company but the most complex one. I think that it is important to discuss the level of readiness of the NICA’s construction and note that all delays are caused not only by the unique complexity of the facility and changes to the numerous technological solutions on the go but also by the limitations caused by the pandemic: reduction in production volumes of many companies, as well as inter-border transport barriers due to the quarantine,” JINR Director RAS Academician Grigory Trubnikov noted.

STRABAG representatives confirmed their obligations for the construction.

“We are proud that we take part in this project, we are also proud of our partnership with JINR. The closer the end of the project, the more challenges it provides. We will be glad to help solve them to achieve the common goal,” a shareholder and member of the Management Board of STRABAG SE Clemens Haselsteiner said.

To date, all concrete works have been completed, except for a small area of the tunnel at the site of the former technological passage. 95 % of roof and brickwork is completed, finishing works on the collider tunnel are almost done, finishing works are being carried out in the construction and landscaping of the territory. The general construction works are completed by 80%. Works on the construction of engineering systems have been launched: ventilation, cold supply, compressed air, heating, electricity supply. In the near future, it is planned to start work on the device of low-current systems.

JINR and STRABAG regularly cooperate on all emerging technical issues.

“Today, STRABAG representatives have already made non-standard proposals that may have a serious positive impact on the project. Our general goal in this complicated time of restrictions caused by the pandemic is to work pro-actively, considering in advance various options for achieving the set tasks on time,” Grigory Trubnikov said.

The scope of general constructing works of STRABAG SE includes the construction of buildings and facilities for the placement and operation of the heavy-ion collider NICA at an area of 5,4 hectares. The collider’s ring with a perimeter of 503 m is aboveground reinforced concrete protective tunnels the thickness of the walls of which is from 1 to 3 metres. The thickness of the reinforced concrete floor is 1,5-2 m, the reinforced concrete foundation plate is 1 metre thick.

Photos by Elena Puzynina