Grigory Trubnikov congratulated JINR partners in Russia on the Day of Russian Science

Organization, 08 February 2022

Dear colleagues, I cordially congratulate you on the Day of Russian Science!

The multinational scientific team of the international intergovernmental organization the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research traditionally has special relations with the Russian Federation, the country of JINR location. It’s impossible to overestimate the contribution made by Russian researchers and the scientific and technological sector to the dynamic development of JINR, as well as to its leading positions in the world scientific arena. And in our turn, we are proud of the successes of Russian science and happy to contribute to its promotion around the world.

“Life sets goals for science, science lights up the paths of life”, these are the words of a Russian sociologist and publicist N. K. Mikhailovsky. I sincerely wish you a lighted path, success and victories in your work for the benefit of further strengthening Russia’s status of a world-leading scientific power.

JINR Director
RAS Academician Grigory Trubnikov