Historical and scientific seminar “Synchrophasotron turns 65” in JINR Museum


The Museum of History of Science and Technology of JINR invites to a historical and scientific seminar “Synchrophasotron turns 65”. The event will take place on 12 April at 5:00 PM.

Programme of the seminar:

  • Jubilee exhibition “Synchrophasotron: the scientific breakthrough turns 65”
  • Report by V. A. Nikitin “The history of the Synchrophasotron: from the beginning to the result”
  • Report by L. L. Zinovieva “The role of L. P. Zinoviev in the creation and operation of the Synchrophasotron”
  • Film “Lords of the ring. The history of the creation of the Synchrophasotron”