HSFI-2024 international hadron physics conference starts in Gatchina

News, 08 July 2024

On 8 July, the Hadron Structure and Fundamental Interactions International Conference (HSFI—2024), organized with the participation of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, began in Gatchina, at the Konstantinov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute of the Kurchatov Institute National Research Centre.

The conference focuses on a comprehensive review and analysis of the latest achievements in the field of hadron physics, quantum chromodynamics (QCD), the Standard Model and its extensions. The conference participants will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of current scientific results and contribute to the development of future research.

The following topics will be discussed during the week-long event:

  • perturbative QCD, DGLAP and BFKL evolutions;
  • polarised and nonpolarised parton distribution functions;
  • pomeron, hard diffraction, and small-x physics;
  • heavy-ion collisions, quark-gluon matter;
  • nonperturbative QCD, lattice computations, chiral model of hadrons;
  • hadron spectroscopy, exotic states;
  • precision tests of the Standard Model, extensions of the Standard Model;
  • physics of NICA, the LHC, and future colliders;
  • neutrino physics.

More than 20 JINR scientists are taking part in the conference. 16 of them will present scientific reports on hadron physics and QCD, the search for dark matter, theoretical physics, and b quark physics. Head of the VBLHEP JINR Scientific and Experimental Department of Heavy Ion Physics Alexander Malakhov will talk about the specifics of the production of antiparticles and antinuclei in relativistic nuclear interactions. Head of the VBLHEP JINR Division of Physics at Colliding Beams Dmitry Peshekhonov will share the latest results of the NA64 Experiment at the SPS Accelerator (CERN). Chief Researcher at BLTP JINR Sector of Quantum Field Theory Anatoly Kotikov will present a report on the influence of heavy quarks on the Bjorken sum rule.

A block of reports is devoted to research at the NICA Accelerator Complex, particularly the results of the work of the MPD, BM@N, and SPD Experiments participants. The status of the Multipurpose Detector (MPD) Project will be presented by Collaboration Leader Victor Riabov. Vasily Plotnikov, a researcher at VBLHEP at JINR, will discuss the scientific programme and the first physics results of the Baryonic Matter at Nuclotron (BM@N) Experiment. Amaresh Datta, a senior researcher at the DLNP JINR Proton-Proton Interactions Sector, will make a presentation on studies of the nucleon rotation structure using the Spin Physics Detector (SPD) at NICA.

The HSFI-2024 Organizing Committee includes representatives of the Kurchatov Institute, Saint Petersburg State University, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Fock Institute of Physics, and JINR.

The working languages of the HSFI-2024 are English and Russian. The conference will last until 12 July.