Ilya Segalovich Award of Yandex presented for the first time

News, 17 April 2019

On 10 April 2019, the first awarding ceremony of the scientific prize of the Yandex company named after Ilya Segalovich was held in Moscow. The Award is presented for research in the fields of machine learning, computer vision, information search and data analysis, processing of natural languages and machine translation, speech recognition and synthesis.

One of nine laureates of the Award is Pavel Goncharov, a student of the Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel, who works under the supervision of Chief Researcher of the Laboratory of Information Technologies Gennady A. Ososkov. Pavel Goncharov actively participates in conference life of the Institute, and earlier, he participated in the Summer Student Programme of UC JINR. The work by the student from Gomel turned out to be the best one among other 262 applications from Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Pavel Goncharov. Photo © Yandex

Gennady A. Ososkov. Photo © “Schrödinger’s cat” journal

In his interview to the students’ newspaper, Pavel reported on his research and scientific supervisor: “The major field is reconstruction of tracks of particles in modern detectors of high-energy physics using the machine learning methods; but I am also engaged in detection of plant diseases using photos of leaves and work on the problem of biomonitoring. I started my work supervised by Chief Researcher Gennady A. Ososkov, who heads the LIT direction of machine learning, in the frames of the JINR Summer Student Programme. I can firmly say that I am lucky to work with such a professional with impressing experience and a bundle of knowledge. The main thing is that Gennady A. Ososkov always supports the common goal and the result but not money and personal interests.”

The award named after Ilya Segalovich, one of the founders of the company and creator of the first versions of the search service, was established in 2019. Its aim is to support young researchers and the scientific community in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Winners will get an opportunity to go to the international conference devoted to artificial intelligence and pass the training programme in the Yandex Research Department.

At the award ceremony of the Ilya Segalovich Award. Photo © Yandex