In the topical field of radiobiology

Publications, 03 June 2020

JINR Prize 2019 series of publications

The authors of a series of works entitled “Research on molecular damage formation in genetic structures of human and mammalian cells after exposure to low and intermediate-energy accelerated heavy ions”e; – A.V. Boreyko, T.S. Bulanova, E.A. Krasavin, E.A. Kruglyakova, E.V. Smirnova, G.N. Timoshenko, and M.G. Zadneprianetc – have been awarded JINR’s First Prize for scientific, technological, and applied research.

The studies focused on the patterns and mechanisms of DNA damage formation in human and mammalian cells after exposure to ionizing radiation of different quality: accelerated heavy ions and protons and γ-rays. The relevance of the research is determined by the necessity to resolve a number of fundamental issues of radiation medicine, space radiobiology, cytology, and genetics. The work was performed at charged particle beams generated by JINR’s accelerators with the use of highly efficient methods of analyzing damage to cell genetic structures: immunocyto- and histochemistry and SMLM (single molecule localization microscopy) – high-resolution nanoscopy.