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News, 01 March 2022

The Directorate of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and the multinational staff of the international scientific centre are deeply concerned and worried about the current dramatic situation in the world, especially in a number of the JINR Member States.

The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research was established as the international intergovernmental organization based on the principles of the cooperation between scientists from various countries for the sake of joint investigation of the fundamental properties of the matter for the peaceful development of mankind. For more than 60 years, JINR has been uniting people focused on progress, understanding of the Universe, and assistance in the search for joint answers to global challenges.

Under the circumstances, the JINR Directorate follows the statutory documents, the decisions of the Committee of Plenipotentiary Representatives and the Scientific Council of JINR and sees its key goals in ensuring sustainable and safe operation of the entire scientific and research infrastructure of JINR, as well as in providing possible and necessary support to the Institute’s staff.

The JINR Directorate makes every necessary effort to provide all the JINR staff with optimal working conditions by contributing to the solution of emerging problems.

The JINR Directorate assures its partners from all over the world that the Joint Institute will continue participating in all the ongoing collaborative projects, as well as in fulfilling all its obligations under the existing research plans.

In these challenging times, our multinational family is confident that only together we will be able to achieve the highest scientific results for the sake of humanity and peace on Earth.

The JINR Directorate highlights its commitment to the principles of the immutable importance of the scientific dialogue, regardless of nationality and borders.

Following its basic principle “Science brings nations together”, our international scientific centre call for the continuation of trust-based and fruitful scientific cooperation for the benefit of our common future.

JINR Directorate
JINR, Dubna, 1 March 2022